This is a website for pitchers, coaches and parents and is roughly based on an earlier book, “You Can Throw Harder”, published in 2001. The website differs from the majority of pitching instruction  offered today because our approach attempts to develop maximum velocity while attempting  to reduce stress on the shoulder and elbow. We recognize that some of the techniques presented in this website take more time and effort to learn and implement. The throwing methods presented are those that my  son Paul utilized as one of the hardest throwers in MLB during his 10 years of service.
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The majority of our technical information on throwing is developed in pages under Our Approach which is shown in the left-hand menu. These pages describe potential Throwing Problems, the desired Arm Action, our thoughts on External Rotation in the shoulder and how we believe the Legs and Torso should function.
The Arm Action page and the External Rotation page include detailed discussions of the two dramatically different approaches to the reverse arm action (“elbow first” versus “ball first”) in the throwing motion. Hopefully, you will find these pages informative and instructional so that you can make knowledgeable decisions regarding your chosen approach going forward.
The page on Turbo Effect provides a description of Paul’s problems with his right hip that led us to a deeper dive into the analysis of throwing mechanics.
There is also a discussion in the Throwing Problems page related to throwing a slider and split with a focus on potential elbow issues.
The left-hand menu also includes a description of the concept of Adding Velocities.  This is a discussion of how proper technique and timing can result in the addition of upper body rotational velocity and arm velocity to maximize ball speed. Related to this Adding Velocities discussion, a calculation is presented that attempts to define the timing to most advantageously come out of external rotation in the shoulder relative to upper body (torso) rotation.
The Our Approach menu on the left concludes with a discussion of how the Arm Slot is developed and then ideas about the critical aspects of the Finish to a powerful throwing motion.
On the right-hand side there are three additional menus.  The first is Our Analysis which presents a series of pitching sequences for Paul and several pitchers we have instructed. These sequences utilize captured frames from video clips or digital camera photos. We provide detailed comments about the different pictures in each sequence to help the pitchers improve.
The Our Methods menu on the right provides some of our ideas related to Teaching Mechanics, Drills and exercises that we utilize and recommend.
The third menu on the right-hand side is Paul’s Bullpen Talks which is a posting site for future ideas that Paul will add from time to time.
This website is largely in black and white since it presents ideas that are considered “old school” by a lot of today’s throwing instructors and pitching coaches. The site presents significantly different points of view than what are generally being taught, and we attempt to provide insight and solid reasons behind these different ideas. The website mainly focuses on throwing hard while preventing arm and shoulder injuries that are so prevalent in today’s youth, high school, college and professional pitchers.
The website originally included my younger son Matt executing a variety of Jobe’s Shoulder Exercises. Matt was a division I college baseball player who tore the labrum in his shoulder as a 15-year old sliding headfirst into first base on a pickoff attempt. Because the rehab science has changed so dramatically over the years we removed the majority of that section and now recommend you seek professional help with a shoulder stretching and strengthening program.
Matt is also very familiar with the stretches that can help prevent lower back issues and demonstrates these in the page on Back Exercises. I utilize many of these exercises on a daily basis.
Matt’s son Kolt was the subject for several of the pictures on the site and his other son Kaede has a pitching sequence on the Our Analysis page.