Our Analysis

The method we use to analyze a pitcher’s mechanics is to get video clips (preferably at different camera angles) and then using video software we grab frames at key points in the delivery. If the video is good quality we can take the frames into Photoshop and crop them to just the information we are trying to convey. After we have the edited frames, they can be entered into Word where text can be added to explain the key points that we feel are in need of improvement.
In some of the cases we will take an SLR camera with zoom lens to the game and using the repeating motorized capability shoot several different sets of pictures of the pitcher. Using multiple deliveries of the baseball works well and can provide you with some additional insight into how repeatable the pitcher’s mechanics are.  We compare the same point in the delivery from pitch to pitch. As we’ve discussed earlier, perfectly repeating the desired timing of external rotation in the shoulder with upper body rotation is quite difficult and different sets of pictures can often demonstrate the difference.
In these sequences which we will continue to update, we have Tyler, Alec, Max, JP, Kaede and Paul.